Frontend(s) Target Architecture

Modularity at frontend layer is achieved by assembling (UI) components in various technology stacks:

  • (standalone) web-application
  • mobile application
  • plugin of other platforms (DHIS2 app)

Each stack is further split into a (non-functional) core component and the set of modules, implementing the various (functional) features.

openIMIS FE core provides:

  • building blocks to address topics such as:
    • I18N
    • standard types components (like period selection, amounts,...),...
    • generic technical components (like confirmation dialog, user notification, error handling,...)
  • transversal features related to:
    • User & Security (login, profile, roles,...)
    • Menus
    • Job scheduler
    • Administration (install and configure modules,...)

Each openIMIS FE module is standardised to

  • expose (and register to) contribution points
  • provide components for managed entities (claim picker, claim "row" representation,...)
  • allow built-in and overloaded extensibility