Payments funcionality is created to manage existing and create new payment plans and bills. Users can create and control payment plans, payment cycles, bills, payment points and payrolls.

To set up new payments and create bills user have to do the following.

  1. Create new payment plan

  • Go to Payments → payment plan tab


  • Click “+” button placed in right bottom of the page

  • Fill mandatory fields (marked with * )

    • name - name of payment plan

    • calculation rule - dropdown containing calculation rules for payment plans

    • benefit plan - dropdown to select one benefit plan for which payment plan is created

    • periodicity - number of months of how payment plan will last

    • valid from - date from which payment plan will be valid

  • Additionally user can fill fixed batch value (sum of payments value in payment plan) and payment limit per single transaction (if this limit will be exceeded then new task will be created automatically)

  • Additionally user can set up advanced criteria to set conditions for which beneficiares bills should be created.

    • field - field on which search criteria is applied

    • filter - is value exact, greated or less than set amount

    • value - can be true or false

    • amount - value refering to filter

With the use of advanced criteria, we have the flexibility to customize the calculation rule. This allows us to add additional amounts to the base amount depending on the specified criteria. In that way we can customize calculation rule on PaymentPlan level.


  1. Create new payment cycle

  • Go to Payments → payment cycles tab

  • Create new payement cycle on top of the page

  • Dates must match with those which were set up for payment cycle, otherwise bills wont be created)

  1. Under Payments → Bills

  • Proper bills should be created

  • For bills that would exceed payment per transaction limit task should be created

  • Bills should be created only for beneficiaries that matches set up criteria

  1. Payroll - entity to group all the bills from specific benefit plan for specific payment point

  • name - name of payroll

  • benefit plan - dropdown for single benefit plan

  • payment point - payment point that for which payroll is refering to

  • payment method - method that is choosen for paying payroll (online, onsite etc)

  • Valid from - date from which payroll is valid

  • Valid to - date to which payroll is valid


After creating payroll all bills that matches criteria will be fetched and visible under Bills list for selected benefit plan and payment point. For newly created payroll new task is automatically created under Tasks Management → Tasks → approve payroll section

Creating payment plan with validated invoices example

  1. Create new payroll, after saving data payroll should be in ‘CREATED’ status

  2. Navigate to tasks → approve payroll section and accept task. After that payroll should be in awaiting reconciliation status

  3. Then all invoices should be paid and payrol should be reconciliated. To do so navigate back to tasks-> navigate to payroll reconciliation tasks and accept task

Create payroll with unpaid invoices

To do so set included unpaid checkbox as true, only unpaid invoices will be fetched to payroll, rest of steps are the same as above. Example below


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