Project: MARS Software Lab


Project Summary

Development of a new mobile app for openIMIS.

Project Status

Project Value Chain


  • Flutter Mobile App: Source

  • Code Generator (FHIR to Dart): Source






Project Description

In a one semester course a team of students has to develop a missing feature for an open source project.
Goal for this project is the development of a new mobile app for openIMIS.
Planned features for this app are described in

Project Resources

16 CS students from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim


An app which works on all platforms supported by Flutter (Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web). Features:

  • Login

  • Registration of new and update of existing insurees

  • Check insurance coverage

This app talks to openIMIS via FHIR. For that, a code generator was developed which generates Dart code from FHIR/openIMIS specifications.
The green parts in the graphics depict the components which were developed during this project:

The results were presented 2022-07-07 at HS Mannheim and streamed on openIMIS' Jitsi Channel.

The application itself and the Business Plan were presented 2022-07-14 at the Developers Deep Dive.

The Code Generator was presented at the 2022-08-04 Developers Deep. Here are the slides.

A preliminary version of th UI Design is also available.


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