Test cases overview



Functional testing

To Verify each function/feature of the software

1. Integration test (backend)

Test if the combined modules work together

Unit test: Test each unit/module

Gherkin test cases

2. System test (backend)

Test the complete software

User interface test (frontend): Test if the user interface works as required

(quality test)

Regression test: Test if the software works properly after a change in a module

3. User acceptance test

Test if the software meets the user/business requirements

(list the business requirements)

Reverse user interface test: Test what is not supposed to work as required in the user interface. Automated with Selenium.



Non-functional testing

To verify non-functional aspects like performance, usability, reliability, etc

4. Installation test

Test if the software is correctly installed

Documentation test: Test if documentation about how to use the system matches with what the system does

5. Reliability test

Test the ability of the software to perform given certain conditions

Security test: Test that security breaches can be prevented

Performance test: Test the speed, stability, and scalability and resource usage under particular workload.

  • Volume test

  • Stress test

  • Load test