openIMIS FHIR module release notes

1.1.0 (April 2020)

[ONCO-84] Added FHIR Coverage resource
The FHIR module has a new endpoint for FHIR Coverage resource which is mapped to openIMIS Policy entity.

[ONCO-150] Add item code to ClaimResponse mapping

[ONCO-172] Search Insuree (FHIR Patient) based on Insuree’s number

[ONCO-174] Search Health Facility (FHIR Location) based on code

[ONCO-177] Search Claim Administrator (FHIR Practitioner) based on code

[ONCO-129] Bug fixes

1.0.6 (February 2020)

1.0.5 (February 2020)

1.0.4 (December 2019)

1.0.3 (November 2019)

1.0.2 (November 2019)

1.0.1 (November 2019)

1.0.0 (October 2019)

First release

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