Structure, hosting and contribution

There are different types of documentation available to different types of users, below is a breakdown of what they are, where they are hosted and what their contents are:

Knowledge Management (Atlassian Confluence)


  • Project management (Initiative's information, activities, background, news)

  • Implementation guide (starter kit, implementation plan template, training plans)

  • Technical Roadmap (System Architecture, Design)

  • Product Roadmap (Releases)

  • Procedures (how to contribute, who does what in the community)

How to contribute

User and technical documentation (ReadTheDocs)


  • Installation manual (web application, mobile applications)

  • User manual (description of the system's functionalities)

  • Functional design architecture (currently on GitHub)

How to contribute

  • Clone the openIMIS documentation GitHub repository

  • Either

    • Edit the desired .rst document with any text editor

    • Create a new .rst document and add it to the index.rst main file

  • Commit the changes and make a pull request

  • The product team will review the changes and integrate them to the core

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