The openIMIS Initiative works with a wide range of partner organizations. Our partners shape openIMIS implementations, identify technical priorities and support the ongoing expansion of openIMIS as an open source product and community. We rely on our strong network of partners for technical expertise, leadership and generous support.


The openIMIS Initiative is dependent on funds from development partners to manage the Initiative, to develop and maintain the software, and to run the technical platforms. The following organizations contribute to the further evolution of openIMIS:

Swiss Development Cooperation


Networks and initiatives

The openIMIS Initiative participates in relevant working groups in a number of global organizations, networks and initiatives:


The Digital Convergence Initiative is an open, transparent and virtual community working to build a global consensus around standards and guidelines for social protection information systems.


The focus of the GovStack Initiative is to enable countries to kick-start their digital transformation journey by adopting, deploying, and scaling digital government services. Through the digital building blocks approach, governments can easily create or modify their digital platforms, services, and applications by also simplifying cost, time, and resource requirements.


The Health Data Collaborative is a WHO-driven collaborative platform that leverages and aligns technical and financial resources (at all levels) to country-owned strategies and plans for collecting, storing, analysing and using data to improve health outcomes, with specific focus on SDG targets and communities that are left behind.

OpenG2P is a digital public good digitizing large scale cash transfers with open source building blocks.


The OpenHIE Network is a community of people building an open framework to support nations as they develop health information exchanges (HIEs) to improve patient care, public health, and the management of health resources.

The P4H Social Health Protection Network is the thriving global network for health financing and social health protection.


openIMIS depends on the inputs of many active contributors for advice, development, documentation, implementation support and more. The openIMIS product is advanced by a community of software developers.

Partner software communities

openIMIS is part of an ecosystem of open source software packages in the health and social protection sectors. It is actively developing interfaces to facilitate data exchange with those packages.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.