Welcome to the openIMIS Community! openIMIS is an information system for the management of financing schemes towards Universal Social Protection supported by an international community of donors, partners, implementers and developers. The actual use cases are focused on health insurance schemes. This community is dedicated to providing continuous support to countries that implement openIMIS with a strong, ongoing focus on improving the existing business process as well as integrating new features reflecting country requirements in favor of UHC.

The Initiative is made up of three instances as well as a special group for country users. All are welcome to contact any instance, however one might be more beneficial than others, depending on your interest in openIMIS.

If you are aCommittee
Donor, In-Country userSteering Group
System Architects, Health Financing Experts, Open Source Developers who contribute to and assess the openIMIS Initiative Technical Advisory Group
Software Developers and IT

Developers Committee

 Program managers, implementers, or research & training institutions Implementers Committee