With the 5th anniversary of openIMIS coming up, this is a nice chance to reflect what the openIMIS Initiative - the community, product or implementations - mean to you. So let us ask for your testimonials on openIMIS. We would like to share them throughout the campaign on the openIMIS website, via social media (twitter, LinkedIn), in our newsletter etc. With this in mind, one guiding note on the length: please keep it short and crisp (no longer than 200-300 characters including spaces), unless you want to dedicate a short article e.g. for our openIMIS newsletter :)

If you need some inspiration on how to approach this – here are some questions that might be of help:

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Bluesquare, member of openIMIS developers and implementers' committees

“Bluesquare is proud of being part of the openIMIS global initiative. We look forward to seeing more and more countries worldwide adopting openIMIS and bringing people closer to Universal Health Coverage“

Uwe Wahser, openIMIS Coordination Desk, courtesy of – GI SPIL

“Proud to be part of a team that is filling up an empty spot in the free and open digital health landscape - while having a lot of fun with a great crowd.”

George Atohmbom Yuh, openIMIS Implementer, Cameroon

“It is a great pleasure and a privilege to be part of the team that makes a difference in the implementation of various beneficiary management projects through the digitisation of business processes with the openIMIS which increases transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability on project implementation” 

Kristin Pascual/AeHIN, member of openIMIS implementers' committee

“At AeHIN, we believe in the better use of ICTs to achieve better health. Being part of the openIMIS initiative enabled us to reach out to the academic sector and demonstrate how health information systems can simplify the management of complex health insurance business processes.”

Kristin Pascual/AeHIN, member of openIMIS implementers' committee

”We are grateful to be part of a pragmatic and ever-growing initiative that constantly challenges itself to contribute positively to Universal Health Coverage and Universal Social Protection through digitalization.”

Alicia Spengler, Advisor openIMIS Initiative, Sector Programme Social Protection / GIZ

“It's not only about the software development itself. It's also about the whole community building and the existing knowledge made available under the creative common license“.

Momodou Jarju, Executive Director 2M Corp, The Gambia,
Cash Transfer implementation during COVID-19​

“Internally we had discussed developing social protection scheme software for a while. We researched for existing open source systems doing something similar. That is how we came across openIMIS. When we checked openIMIS, we could easily abstract that this system actually has, what we wanted to do, just the terminologies are somehow different. Considering, that it took us a week to build the prototype for the cash transfer scheme, I would say openIMIS was done in a really nice, easy to scale and easy to add way.”​

Yaya Saidou Jallow​, Executive Director 2M Corp, The Gambia,
Cash Transfer implementation during COVID-19​

“I think the best thing about openIMIS is that there’s this community of people who, if you’re not sure about any part of it, you can contact them, and they will explain how it works.”

Yaya Saidou Jallow​, Executive Director 2M Corp, The Gambia,
Cash Transfer implementation during COVID-19​

“We are committed to openIMIS and we want to use it. We’ve seen the possibilities.”