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1.3.0 (October 2021)

Need to add some notes hereImproved Swagger UI
Added coverage data to the Enquire endpoint
Changed relative paths in AppSettings.json to absolute
Changes from masterswiss related to ePayment integration
Version 3 added with more features and improvements
Comparing reconciliation data and update payment status
Split control number request bill per policies bill items
Prevented request to GePG with amount less than or equal 0
Save error messages in the Payment.RejectedReasons
Support timeout issue
Send SMS after cancelling payment
Concatenate error code in Rejected Reason
Added SMS Logic to Family model
Fixed Timeout issue on api/family/{CHFID} endpoint
Fixed check commission functionality
Added a scheduled task running in background for matching payment
Vulnerability field added in the Insuree model
Added rejection state to claim submission
Added endpoint for posting claims to APIv3
ClaimController V3 prevents unauthorized connections
Changed all the end-points and related methods to Async
Added missing ValidityTo in where criteria to fetch only valid officers
Added Bulk control number requests
Fetch pre-requested control numbers for enrollment officers
REST API POST Family returns HTTP 200 with database UUIDs, Database Id and local Id in payload
If the count of control numbers are less than the threshold, fire another request to GePG to create bulk control numbers
Accommodated Control Number in Family sync
Assigned Phone number of the officer during fetching the control numbers
Added Health Facility Code in the endpoint GetClaimAdmins
Changed all the dates from string to yyyy-mm-dd date format
Getting insuree image as base64 instead of image path in Enquire
Fixed DSI rest API endpoints to allow null as last_update_date
Fixed policy renewal if the product has converted product
Create contribution based on GePG payment confirmation and activate policy
Modified GET on api/family/{CHFID} endpoint to include Base64 image of an insuree
Added logging of errors and other information in a file system for easy debug and troubleshooting
Added Reconciliation of payment transactions
Changed Claim response after submission
Saved GePG request bulk CNs to file system
MV IMIS Claims: Fixed Enquiry function doesn't provide photo and personal data
Removed redundant FamilySMS join from FamilyRepisitory.GetByCHFID
Get control number from pool rather than requesting to GePG when requested through USSD
Accommodated control number in renewals and handled the ePayment
Fixed renewal responses to handle all return values (Providing detailed messages)
Fixed Feedback upload
Added language section in app settings

1.0.0 (October 2019) 

This component replaces the Web Services and brings improved security and additional features.