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CRDM contains five discrete yet integrated steps that engage users, subject matter experts, and stakeholders collaboratively to determine and document the system in each step.

  1. Domain – A set of functions and processes that define the work of a specific area of the larger health system, i.e., health finance, health service delivery, supply chain.

  2. Process Framework – A set of processes that define the boundaries of a domain and the relationships between them and other systems and domains.

  3. Business Process – A set of activities and tasks that logically group together to accomplish a goal or produce something of value for the benefit of the organization, stakeholder, or customer.

  4. Activity/Task Model – Visual representation of a business process in terms of tasks, sets of tasks and decision points in a logical workflow used to enhance communication and collaboration among users, stakeholders, and engineers.

  5. Requirement – A statement that describes what an information system must do to support a task, activity, or decision. These are non-technology statements that usually begin with "the system must or shall ..."

Source: JLN 2012