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2.0.1 (April 2020)

Android 9 compatibility
The mobile application is now compatible with Android 9 (Pie).

Enrolment Officer code is case-insensitive 
Enrolment Officers can enter their code independent of the case.

Added build variants in gradle file
The application build.gradle file now contains build variants allowing to easily build different versions of the application.

2.0.0 (October 2019)

Integration of the Policies application with the new improved REST API
The REST API provides improved security for mobile applications. 

Added support for the ePayment module implementation
The ePayment module is integrated into the REST API. From the Policies application, the user can overview policies, overview control numbers and check the commission. 

Offline synchronisation password can be customized directly in the application 
New settings screen added to configure the offline RAR file password. The password needs to be the same on both Web Application and Policies application.

1.2.0 (October 2018)

Integration of Legacy renewal application with Policies application

Adjustability and further enhancements of Policies mobile app
- Policies can be configured to enforce the submission of a photo and/or a policy while registering a new insuree from the mobile app.
- Search insurees to be renewed from the mobile app
- Search feedback to be collected from the mobile app
- Head of a family is in the list of members of the family highlighted in an appropriate way (different colouring)
- When a family is downloaded for editing purposes, the insurance number is disabled so that the user is not able to change the insurance number
- On the home page of the mobile app, two figures show the Total premiums in the form <total number of premiums>/<total amount of premiums>
- When working offline on the mobile app, an external XML file can be copied on the phone to update the phone to the latest configuration. 
- The mobile app user can see his/her own statistics: 
- number of families/insures with active policies
- number of families/insures with expired policies
- number of families/insures with idle policies
- number of families/insures with suspended policies

Optimisation of contributions entry
The field Contribution Paid in the form Premium will be initially populated by the amount needed for full coverage of the value of the policy. The field can be edited. So, if the policy value is 10000 and one contribution 4000 has been already entered, the field will be initially populated with the value 6000 for the second contribution.