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The demo site is available here:


1.5.1 (April 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed potential NULL errors in ClaimBI.vb

  • Fixed Funding region should not be displayed issue

  • Fix return if no Claim for chosen code

  • Fixed bug with restore after saving new claim

  • Fix dismissing insurance product

  • Changed tblAdministrators to tblClaimAdmins in IMISExtracts

  • Fix inactive insurees checkbox in policies

  • Fix batch run year dropdown

  • Fix product list in policy products, it was displaying same products multiple times

Improvements and new features

  • Updated favicon and logo

  • Made Admin username unchangable

  • Updated control setting names in Enquiry

  • Added claim admins info to phone extract

  • Added Renewal upload right in roles form

Check OP-260 for the full list of legacy openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.5.0 (October 2020)

Bug fixes

  • MatchingFund report was not looking in the database

  • Corrupted XML won’t block offline enrollment upload

  • Corrupted photos won’t block offline enrollment upload

  • Policy value update - condition corrected

  • Photo extract fixed

  • Disable password field for users coming from EO or CA pages

  • Add missing favicon

  • Display of districts in user creation view

  • Interface language updated after language setting change

  • Retrieving product definition from OverviewFamily

  • ICD autocompletion for new claims

Improvements and new features

  • Report SP not hardcoded anymore

  • Application build flavors in escape procedure (on code base for all implementations)

  • Add “imis_max_row_searched“ environment variable to limit maximum result on Claim/Family/Insuree/Payment/Policy/Premium search

  • Changed OverviewFamily payment type label

  • Add proper confirmation message when wrong file format is submitted on offline enrollment uploads

  • Commission overview report update

  • Add restore claim

  • Config check possible at admin login via an escape procedure

  • ClaimHistory Report

Check OP-209 for the full list of legacy openIMIS related tickets included in this release.

1.4.1 (April 2020)

User Manual in French
The User Manual has been translated to French and can be accessed online on The PDF version of the french manual is also included into the GitHub repository.