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  1. Strengthened/enhanced community

2. Enhanced product/widened applicability

3. Increased implementations (new/extended use cases)


Part I: Strengthened/enhanced community


  •  Academia (as stated above)

    • To bring in medical know-how

    • to provide feedback on usability, requirements

    • to discuss it in wider conceptual context of health/social protection that opens access to new use cases

    • To promote openIMIS tool to students who can later on promote it to potential implementing organisations

    • … 

  • Local implementing organisations and NGOs that are deeply rooted in social protection delivery

    • Contribute insight into requirements for openIMIS customisation to serve new use cases

    • ..

    • ..

  •  Francophone connections

    • TA providers - Acadys, CHAI, CIDR ..

    • attractive features for this target group:

      • French interface and guiding docs, peer-learning between implementers (*challenge of connecting knowledge pools - EN-FR)

    • sub-group discussion in FR

  • ILO

    • mediation to policy maker level in SP context (recommend openIMIS as a software solution when providing policy advice)

    • extensive country presence

    • entrance to wider SP schemes

    • support requirements definition

    • clarify role/mandate in the context of the openIMIS Steering Group

  •  WHO (strengthening existing collaboration)

    • entry points have to be clearly defined - focus health financing team (openIMIS presentation scheduled for Dec 2020), digital health


  • On-the-job training for developers and implementers to strengthen their maintenance/customization capacities on openIMIS to apply their knowledge and skills in case of further modifications of the original scheme or implement openIMIS for other schemes

  • Regional capacity building measures e.g. via webinars, facilitating peer-learning between implementers at different stages of software customising




Part II: Enhanced product

  • base on features request - issue queue

  • country specific vs master-version determination

Part III: New implementations

What can we as a community of practice do to increase implementations?

  1. Integration/interoperability of openIMIS

    1. showcase use cases

      1. What functionalities does interoperability increase?

      2. Case followed by country examples

    2. costs for interoperability?

  2. Modularity of openIMIS

    1. Functional modules might be interesting for specific insurers

  3. Advantage already:

    1. customization

    2. individual data

  4. Capacity building of decision makers on using and owning an open source software

  5. Reach out to insurers

    1. IAIS (int. asso of insurance supervisors?)

    2. Mutuelles?

    3. Tracking of nutrition?