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  • At the start, first log-in by using the “by default” provided log-in data.

  • After click on the "log in" button.

  • You are navigated to the main page. 

  • Here you can choose "Insurees and Policies", "Claims", "Administration", "Tools" and "Profile”.

  • In this demo we start with selecting "Insurees and Policies" and begin with opening "Family/Group".

  • It is required to select a "Region", "District" followed by "Municipality" and "Village" from a predefined table for the catchment area of the operator. 

  • It is possible to choose if a "Poverty status" is applicable. 

  • The poverty status typically is confirmed by the municipality which is selected in this example of choices and the group type in this demo is  a "household".

  • The "Insurance number" must correspond to the predefined blanco card that has been prepared by the insurance headquarters together with the QR code on the card. Each card with a number is a unique print out to be filled with the data of the registerd person and cannot be used a second time for a different person.

  • In this example, the insurance number 330033003300, is given toa person - we call him "Donalds".

  • Next typical demographic data are required  if you choose the date of birth using the calendar or use the clanedar as template for the format and type the date of birth (it equires  a slash between the numbers).

  • Next select the gender, the marital status, beneficiary card (yes/no), select the current region, then current district, current municipality, current village.

  • When we you enter the address in the appropriate field, you should enter the street and all typical address details. It is recommended also to add the GPS coordinates which would support the geo tagging later. (this is more a matter for the customization to national demands and no need to further elaborate here).

  • On selection of the profession, - we choose "employee" for this example.The selection list repository  can be adjusted and modified as required.

  • The same applies to the select of  "education" - in this example secondary school.

  • Next the adding of the telephone number and the current e-mail address is required, both is not mandatory.

  • The identification type can be national ID it is free text.

  • Then we choose the region, this refers to the ID card.

  • Then we type the region of the “First Service Point” FSP e.g. Ultha, then the District of FSP "Jambero".

  • For this example we slect the level of FSP  "Hospital". Usually a primary centery would be typical but for this example it is hospital.

  • The "First Service Point" is in this special case "JMHOSOO1-Jambero".

  • We finally "SAVE" it.



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Demo Server 2

  • In continuation of the first video, this demo  continues with the data entry for Mr Donalds with adding of family/group members. 

  • First the client must be searched by entering the insurance number.

  • Then we click the button "search".

  • Under "Families/Groups Found" the entry data of “Mr Donalds” is displayed.

  • Click on the yellow field to open the date entry interface.

  • All data that have been entered before are now displayed in the tables.

  • Click on "insurees" to add.

  • A new page opens where the selction of "relationship" – is possible, we choose "spouse" to continue this example.

  • The insurance number of the spouse must be different for each insured individual.  Entering a similar insurance ID displays an error message. To show that the entering of the same dfata as the husband will trigger an error I enter in this example first the 330033003300 as example of a mistake.I enter "Sophia" under "other names".

  • And enter "Donalds" under "last name".

  • Then enterin of the deographic data as before the “gender” here now "female”.

  • The "marital status" is "married".

  • Enter "yes" under "beneficiary card" as this was applied before.

  • Enter "Ultha" under "region" 

  • Just as a note: all these names are fantasy names the locations do not exist.

  • Enter "Jambero" under "current region".

  • Enter "Actology" under "current municipality".

  • Enter "Holobo" under "village".

  • We do not enter any current address details, since they are the same as with her husband.

  • Choose "housewife" as "profession".

  • "Education" is "secondary school".

  • We do not enter "phone number", "e-mail number" and she does not have an ID card. in this example. It will not trigger an error to have the blanks as above.

  • Click "Save".

  • Now the database is providing an error message that the insurance number already exists.

  • As a real live example situation the printed blanco insurance card would be in consecutive numbering accordingly I replace the last "0" with a "1". Now it is 330033003301. 

  • Click "Save" again - now it is fine.

  • Now you can see Gabriel and Sophia Donalds.

  • Continue is this account and add a child.

  • "Relationship" is "son or daughter".

  • The insurance number is now ending with a "2".

  • Enter "Joseph" under "other names".

  • Last name is Donalds.

  • Then enter "date of birth".

  • Enter "Male" under "gender".

  • Marital status is "single".

  • Enter "yes" under "beneficiary card".

  • The region is "Ultha".

  • The district is "Jambero".

  • Current municipality is "Actoloby".

  • The village is "Holobo".

  • Click "Save".

  • The family of three is saved in the system all three have a insurance card in hands and are in the system.


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