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openIMIS Initiative has adopted the Contributor Covenant as its Code of Conduct, and we are asking project participants to adhere to it. Please read the full text here.

Issue Tracker

Issue tracking


React follows semantic versioning. We release patch versions for critical bug fixes, minor versions for new features or non-essential changes, and major versions for any breaking changes. When we make breaking changes, we also introduce deprecation warnings in a minor version so that our users learn about the upcoming changes and migrate their code in advance. Learn more about our commitment to stability and incremental migration in our versioning policy.

Every significant change is documented in the changelog wiki pages.

Branch Organization

Submit all changes to the develop branch. We use separate branches for development (develop branch) or for upcoming releases. We do our best to keep master in good shape, with all tests passing.


All variables must be named in the using UK English language (except for FHIR module because US English terminology). Wherever possible, use Glossary names: Glossary. If you find different uses of a word, feel free to correct or comment the glossary.


  • database diagram: database.txt/database.png

    • any kind of documentation helps, a free and simple way is to use plantuml

    • Please don’t call your tables with a generic name like “Item“ or “flags“ …

    • Please add your module name as a prefix of you table.

  • workflows / use case covered by your module: workflows.txt

    • AS a <role> I <do_action> so I get<result>