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Membership No. management and QR code print within OpenIMIS

Right now there is stored procedure to generate Membership No. in IMIS. As it does not store the generated no. it is difficult to identify unique no. when generating new sets of No. We have to maintain different database(in excel) and check for dependency with other tools. So it will be better to store the no. generated by stored procedure and check unique from the available list. If QR code is also generated within the system, then it will be added advantage. Otherwise again we have to use third party tool.

Clarifications: (based on a call with Nepal on May 3, 2018)

  • Nepali insurer tenders the printing of enrolment form/cards
  • Each form has a unique ID number on it but is provided by insurer who maintains the list in an Excel
  • The ID number is generated using a modulo 7 logic but the list of numbers are not generated in a sequence but done randomly and hence has to be tracked
  • There's no guarantee that the same vendor will win the tender for every batch to be printed
  • Hence, the insurer needs to track which ID number / form was printed by which vendor and when
  • At the moment, this tracking is done with an Excel sheet, but it is prone to errors
  • The request is to have a function in the system in order to generate ID numbers and keep track of them. This is to have a central database of IDs that were given to the vendor, printed and distributed to the enrolment officers.



Alexandre Vanobberghen


Nirmal Dhakal