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As pointed out by Patrick, the FeedbackPrompt table is not currently fed by the backend.

The Feedback Prompt Service ( is very similar to the renewal SMS service that we already converted to a scheduled task. However, this service does not generate any of those data, it is merely using the uspProcessFeedbackSMS stored procedure that formats the data already in tblFeedbackPrompt.
This service also doesn't have the actual SMS sending code, just a comment reminding to do so, unlike in the renewal SMS.

There is also a screen in the VB app, in the Tools menu that allows to select feedback prompts according to various criteria and send the SMS. This code does send the SMS. So my guess is that the Windows service has so far never been used and it has always been done manually.
However, this Preview and Send SMS don't generate the FeedbackPrompt either. They just select upon the existing tblFeedbackPrompt table.

I've searched through the whole VB app, through the various stored procedures but was unable to identify which part of the app was responsible for creating this tblFeedbackPrompt content.


Patrick Delcroix
September 21, 2020, 2:31 PM

thank you for this input, at least we know that this is not used the TZ because of the SMS cost.

do you know if the feedback is used in Nepal ?


Siddharth Srivastava
September 21, 2020, 2:04 PM

-I am not sure I follow follow the exchange here. But basically there were two ways to get feedback in the system. Initially there was only the SMS as a way to communicate to Enrolment officer (EO) that feedback had to be collected from patients who belonged to the household the EO was responsible for. I think this was the Tools -> Feedback Prompts route. You could either print the list to get feedback from and give it to the EO or send it as sms info to the EO. The EO would have an older version of the app where you would just add the ID of the person as per the given list/sms message and then answer a set of questions and then submit the response. SMS costed a lot we needed an external SMS gateway to run this system and later this was given up for the method where data could be sent directly from the system to the new version of EO apps. So during claims review process now once you flag a claim needs feedback this info should go to the EOs app and similar to renewal list a list should be made on the EO app under feedback where feedback can be captured from the patient and then submitted back so the claims reviewer can see this submitted feedback. Does this help answer your question Patrick?

Patrick Delcroix
September 11, 2020, 11:53 AM

Indeed, I mixed up with tblfeedback…. it is a bit amazing that the claim page is overcrowd with something not used … either we don’t have the last version or it never worked …

, do you know if the feedback is used in Tanzania ?

Eric Darchis
September 11, 2020, 10:48 AM

In the second step of your process, you have a screen where you can make selection criteria on SMS messages. The Preview button takes the specified criteria and calls Feedback.GetFeedbackPrompt that calls the ReportDAL that itself calls the uspSSRSFeedbackPrompt.

That stored procedure does a straight select on tblFeedbackPrompt.

The sendSMS button calls all the way down to ClaimsDAL.sendSMS that in turn calls getFeedbackSMSData that calls uspFeedbackPromptSMS. And that stored procedure too is merely selecting from tblFeedbackPrompt.

So we're missing the part where the FeedbackPrompt is created from the tblFeedback table somehow.

Patrick Delcroix
September 11, 2020, 7:00 AM

for me how it works:

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Eric Darchis